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Reflections from Ali

Reflections from Ali on Mother-Daughter Duet Broadcasts and Living Life with Courage
“At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything else.”
--George Leonard

Mom and I saw an amazing documentary together on Mother's day called "Ahead of Time" about the life of Ruth Gruber. I reflected on our relational progression. from angst-y adolescence to addiction to allying for the Messages Project recently- when we find a way to live from the heart (whatever our imperfections as Leonard describes), stop waiting for life to conform to our needs and wants, then we are focusing on the beautiful PROGRESSION of things and less wrapped up in perfection. As I've heard many times- It's about progress not perfection. Ah, sigh. relief.
I hope the journey my mom and i share will give you hope. As she and I focus more on overcoming our personal fears, helping others, and seeing our differences as strength rather than weakness (along with simply having more fun) we have found joy, true joy. The joy that literally gives strength. 
The joy that doesn't require the other to change or adhere to our demands, but freely says, "I love the heart of you, I'm amazed by the silent pulse of perfect rhythm that exists in you- individual and unique, which connects us."-addendum: I'm amazed even when i don't understand.
Live courageously, let go courageously. In the letting go and living the pulse of our unique rhythm- connection grows into something bigger than pain or fear or misunderstanding- empowered we can as women face challenges we thought impossible, overcome fears we thought paralyzing, and help others find their heart's own unique rhythm.

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